The Big Picture


You, as a homeowner, can be part of the housing solution.  Why should you care?

Providing housing opportunities for all income levels is important for the long-term health of a community, cities and the state.   It is also important for a community to provide housing for all phases of life – recent college graduates, young professionals, singles, young families and seniors. Without a range of housing types, people drive further to work, or pack into smaller shared spaces, reducing quality of life with negative environmental impacts. Building an ADU can provide homeowners with income and a unique opportunity to create more housing that strengthens the community they live in. ADUs can also provide a home for adult children, aging parents or caretakers, making housing options in the community available for others.

ADUs are positive for both homeowners and renters, the California State Legislature has passed several laws to streamline the approval process for construction of ADUs on single- and multi-family lots.  The new laws also created more opportunities by reducing the property setback distance and parking requirements.

California’s housing challenge is broad and complicated — by building an ADU you can be a part of the solution that will benefit both you and your community.

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