Building an ADU is full of opportunity for personal finances, family wellbeing, community resilience and the environment.

18 ADU Benefits:
  1. ADUs are significantly less expensive to build than a single-family home.
  2. ADUs support the need to increase housing and affordability.
  3. ADUs create housing options for couples, college graduates, small families and seniors.
  4. ADUs can create rental income for home-owners.
  5. ADUs can support families by enabling families to share space and seniors to age in place.
  6. ADUs can increase property value.
  7. ADUs can provide space for visiting family and guests.
  8. ADUs can house caretakers.
  9. ADUs offer a comfortable space to work from home or do hobbies.
  10. ADUs are designed to blend in with neighborhoods and are usually out of site in back yards.
  11. ADUs are adaptable and can be used for different purposes over time.
  12. ADUs can offer entry-level housing for young people near employment centers.
  13. ADUs use less energy for heating and cooling than the average home.
  14. ADUs are often built in neighborhoods with walking distance to transit stops and increased walkability.
  15. ADU habitants are less car dependent.
  16. ADUs provide a much-needed inventory that supports housing for 1 and 2 people.
  17. ADUs allow couples to age in place.
  18. ADUs can help reduce homelessness by opening up more rental options in a community.